Chinatown. Sydney.
Meeting expectation.
still composition with yellow.
Pyrmont, Sydney.
Moon at Rushcutters Bay.
Commission Houses in Pyrmont.
BBQ Queens.
Chinatown. Sydney.
Street Art - tags

seen at Domain. Sydney.
Fish Market. Sydney
" ghost city " 

Sydney CBD.
hot pink bench, soft pink wall.
Woolloomooloo, Sydney.
Ibis at Fish Market, Sydney.
Showing around.
Chinatown, Sydney.
Excited for the weekend?
I appreciate people that take opportunities to earn extra money. Whatever is their goal, they are fighting for it.
jonathandelarosa said: I really like your work. Can you please look at my blog and give me a few pointers.

Thank you heaps man. To be honest I think the most important thing in Photography is that you are happy with what you are doing. I think sometimes when people start to tell you what they think it’s good or not causes more harm than good towards you finding your own vision (I’m still looking for mine ). But if you want an opnion - the photos from the boy (assume that is your son?) has a greater appeal to me than your still images. Maybe because you feel much more attached with the subject? I recommend you to check Sally Mann work I think you will like it a lot. All the best.